Make a stay with a baby and toddlers

It’s not always easy to go on vacation with young children, which is why “the Lousseraie” provides childcare equipment suitable for each period of a child’s life.

For toddlers :

  • A child bed and a folding travel bed;
  • A baby changing table and a children’s bathtub;
  • A scalable high chair and a relax;
  • A bottle warmer, microwave sterilizer and Babycook;
  • Crockery and cutlery for children.


And for the little ones who are a little bit older :

  • A high chair and a booster seat;
  • Step stools, toilet seats for children in each bathroom and potty chair;
  • Two bed rails;
  • A shower tub;
  • A buggy and a baby carrier for hiking;
  • Games and books for the interior of the house;
  • A wooden children’s play area in the garden which is completely private.